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What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour is a 3D program that lets visitors experience your property as if they're actually on site.  This immersive technology saves time and accelerates the booking process by reducing walkthrough appointments and allowing prospects to see (and share!) your property without ever stepping foot on site.   

While you may have seen virtual tours being used in real estate sales,  there is still an untapped application for Boutique Hotels, Vacation Rentals, and Event Spaces and more.  This means a virtual tour will help your business stand out from the competition!  With a 3D tour you can also expect increased bookings, higher occupancy rates, better reviews, more customers and greater engagement with prospects.

LHC Museum 3D tour thumbnail.jpg

Click the image to experience a virtual tour. 

How it Works

A virtual tour photo shoot is quite similar to a regular property photo shoot.  The difference is in the camera, post-production, and final display.  Once you schedule your shoot, you'll get instructions for preparing the property and details of what to expect on the day of the shoot.  After the 3D photos (they're actually called 'scans') are taken, the project goes to post-production for about one week to fine-tune the virtual tour and display it on the Matterport platform.   Still photos and video clips are also created at this time.  When the project is complete you'll get an email with links and instructions on how to post and share your 3D tour and other photo products.  

Who We Are

Hi!  I'm Lori Cooper-O'Toole the founder of Beach Street Virtual Tours.  I've been a photographer for many years and have extensive experience in small business development.   After working for an international vacation property management company, I broke off on my own to start Beach Street Virtual Tours as a way of offering my clients accountability and returning to a more community-based business.  I travel throughout the year, returning to my favorite towns during specific months.  This allows me to provide exclusive service to a small group of special clients and customers. 

Oh, and if you're wondering why the title of this section says "We"... meet the VP of customer smiles....Diesel.  He doesn't join me on client photo shoots, but if you see us out and about in one of your favorite towns, be sure to say, "Hi!" 

(833) 988-3388

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