Q:  What type of business do you work with? 

A:  I specialize in serving Small Business Owners, Vacation Rental Owners/Managers, and Museums, Galleries, and Studios.  

Q:  Do you shoot real estate?

A:  I shoot commercial real estate only (vacation rentals, hotels, and large developments).  I don't shoot individual homes for sale. 

Q:  Can’t I just shoot my business photography myself?  

A:  Yes.  Well sort of.  You can absolutely shoot your own business photography, as long as you have the equipment, software, time, processes, and — most importantly — the know how.  The fact is, when you hire a pro you’re not just paying for a snapshot, you’re paying for years of skill development like composition, lighting, special equipment, and proficiency using special software and platforms.  Poor photography can reflect badly on your company's image and turn off potential customers.  So, unless you're sure about your photography skills, it's best to let a pro help.   

Q: Is it true that I need an FAA drone license to shoot aerial footage of my business?  

A:  Yes.  If you (or your employees) are shooting drone footage for any commercial purpose without a license, you could face stiff penalties from the FAA.  And it's no joke.  The fine is about $30,000!  I’d say that makes most professional drone rates seem quite reasonable.


Q:   Can I use the photos and videos I get from BSVT for social media? 

A:   Of course!  In fact, social media is the #1 platform for many of our clients.  That's why we customize your job and your deliverables to suit your objectives (and budget).  


Q:  Why not just use stock images for marketing and advertising?  

A:  As a business owner myself, I understand how easy it is to just use stock footage for basic ads and flyers.  But if you do a side-by-side comparison of a generic ad using a stock image and a custom ad using real local footage, there's no question that the custom ad has more impact.  That's why it's much better to have unique images and videos of your business for marketing, advertising, and social media.   


Q:  How much can I expect to pay? 

A:  Well, this is a bit difficult to answer because all projects are different and we serve companies of different sizes.  That’s why I work with you to meet your objectives AND your budget.  But to help you narrow it down, the initial photo shoot fee is $199 and basic editing is $99.  Of course there are discounts if you choose more than one service or you have different locations.  But essentially, you could get started for as little as $300 or less!


Q:  Do you ever barter for services? 

A:  I do!  Call me and let’s see about a trade.  


Q:  How long does it take to get my photos/videos? 

A:  Typically, it takes about a week for basic processing and delivery of electronic files.  A better question is, “How long does it take to get on our photo shoot schedule?”  This can take weeks depending on the season and which specials we're running.  So make sure to book early if possible.  


Q:  How are the final files formatted?  

A:   It really depends on what you’ll use them for.  That’s why all jobs are custom quoted.  But standard file formats are jpg, png, and mp4.  3D scans and 360 photos are little different because they require a proprietary app to view.  But we take care of all that for you. 


Q: Do I get full license to use the photos/videos however I like?  

A:  No.  Like most pro photographers, I retain ownership of all images I shoot.  You’ll get a commercial license to use the files in accordance with your project objective.  Of course, if you need a full exclusive license we can discuss it when I quote your project.  


Have another question?  Feel free to reach out!