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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What type of client businesses do you work with? 


A:  I have a background in vacation property management so I specialize in serving the Travel & Hospitality Industry (boutique hotels, vacation rentals, and event spaces).  But I love working with entrepreneurs and helping others sole-proprietors build their 'empire'!  

Q:  Can’t I just shoot my business photography myself?  


A:  Well, sort of.  You can absolutely shoot your own business photography, as long as you have the equipment, software, time, processes, and — most importantly — the know how.  The fact is, when you hire a pro you’re not just paying for a snapshot, you’re paying for years of skill development like composition, lighting, special equipment, and proficiency using special software and platforms.  Poor photography can turn off potential customers.  So, unless you're sure about your photography skills, it's best to let a pro help. 


Q: Do you do drone photography? I need an FAA drone license to shoot aerial footage of my business?  


A:  Yes, and yes!  I am an FAA-licensed drone pilot and can add aerial photos and videos to any package you choose, just mention it in our discovery meeting to get a quote.   Be warned that if you or your employees are shooting drone footage for any commercial purpose without a license, you could face stiff penalties from the FAA.  And it's no joke.  The fine is about $30,000!   



Q:   Can I use the virtual tour on social media? 


A:    Absolutely!  In fact, social media is the #1 platform for many of our clients.  The 3D tour is actually 'parked' on the Matterport platform because it's proprietary technology.  But you'll get all the links - plus stills and video clips -  to post on your favorite social channels. 

Q:  Do you offer any additional services? 


A:  Yes!  The packages listed on the booking page are all-inclusive.  But, we also offer aerial photos and videos, high definition stills, and walkthrough videos.  Just mention it in our discovery meeting and I'll get you a quote. 


Q:  Do you ever barter for services? 


A:  I do!  Call me and let’s horse trade! 


Q:  How long does it take to get a virtual tour posted on Matterport? 


A:  We try to get virtual tour projects wrapped up and posted within a week (barring any crisis or issue). 

However, the booking process can take quite some time.  I travel throughout the year to serve a broad range of clients in the western USA.   This means spots are highly limited, so it's best to book as early as possible. 


Have another question?  Feel free to reach out! 

(833) 988-3388

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