You made the decision to start a business.  You invested in the lease, equipment,

inventory, and perhaps even a hefty franchise fee.  You followed all the rules for

starting a successful business.  And yet, you still don’t have enough customers to

reach the profit you were expecting.  Why not?


Well, I’m no Wall Street business expert, but I can tell you what I see missing with

most small business start-ups….and that’s web presence.



You see, most of your customers are online…a LOT!  You might even be surprised to know that the average person spends seven hours PER DAY online.  And if you’re not in the mix with them, they simply don’t know you exist.


In fact, lack of web presence is one of the primary reasons small businesses fail within the first five years.  That’s because most small business managers simply don’t have time or money for social media.  But trust me, your competition knows that no web presence means no customers and no customers means no company.


No Time or Money for Social Media.


And that’s exactly why professional marketing firms exist, and why the average salary for a Social Media Manager is almost $80,000 per year.


Of course if you have an extra 80 grand, you should probably consider hiring someone.  But most small businesses need another option, preferably one that doesn’t involve a major investment.   As an entrepreneur myself, this is something I think about daily.  I recently developed a plan that will benefit you, your customers, and even me!


Exclusive Gift for YOUR Customers


I have an exclusive free photo shoot gift that you can offer your prospective customers.  The photo shoot would take place AFTER installation of your product(s) or service.   Your customers will get professional photos to share and display, essentially making them brand ambassadors for your company.  You’ll get an edge over the competition plus the opportunity to build good will with your client base.  You’ll also get vital tools needed to help develop your company’s web presence.


That’s because you’ll ALSO get professional photos to share and display for your business.


These can be used to…

build your project portfolio

start a collection of images to use in your marketing efforts,

and post on socials to develop community credibility


Remember,  converting local customers will result in converting more local customers.  That’s why custom LOCAL photography (not generic stock) can help provide the social proof you need to GET GROWING!


In case you’re wondering…I’ll also use the images for my own marketing and social media making me another brand ambassador for YOUR company!   


It’s a win-win-win!


Convert Your Prospects with a FREE Photo Shoot Gift


This exclusive gift is not available to the general public.  In fact, it’s valued at $298 on my website, but I’m offering it to fellow small business entrepreneurs completely free on a very limited basis.  This offer is perfect for small companies that specialize in home services like designers, decorators, cleaning services, and renovation pros.


I’ll give you all the details over the phone.  Simply click HERE to book a Complimentary Discovery Meeting and mention this article to get started.

Get More Customers with Free Photos!

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