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You made the decision to start a business.  You invested in the lease, equipment,

inventory, and perhaps even a hefty franchise fee.  You followed all the rules for

starting a successful business.  And yet, you still don’t have enough customers to

reach the profit you were expecting.  Why not?


Well, I’m no Wall Street business expert, but I can tell you what I see missing with

most small business start-ups….and that’s web presence.



You see, most of your customers are online…a LOT!  You might even be surprised to know that the average person spends seven hours PER DAY online.  And if you’re not in the mix with them, they simply don’t know you exist.


In fact, lack of web presence is one of the primary reasons small businesses fail within the first five years.  That’s because most small business managers simply don’t have time or money for social media.  But trust me, your competition knows that no web presence means no customers and no customers means no company.


Little Time - Little Budget


And that’s exactly why professional marketing firms exist, and why the average salary for a Social Media Manager is almost $80,000 per year.


Of course if you have an extra 80 grand, you should probably consider hiring someone.  But most small businesses need another option, preferably one that doesn’t involve a major investment.   As an entrepreneur myself, this is something I think about daily.  I recently developed a way to enter the 3D Virtual Tour space for a fraction of what most property owners pay for pro photography. 


Exclusive Gift for New Clients


For a limited time, I'm offering new clients a FREE 3D Photo Shoot to help you build your web presence and get an edge on the competition.  3D Tours are a great way to engage with prospective guests, maximize occupancy, and get better reviews!  The 3D photo shoot takes about two hours and is valued at $572 and you'll get it absolutely FREE!  But appointments are limited, so book today before all they're all gone!  

BTW...all 3D tours require an annual subscription on the Matterport platform (this is how prospective clients will view your tour).

New Clients Get a Free 3D Photo Shoot!

(833) 988-3388

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